It’s that time of year again.  The beginning part.  A fresh start, a page to turn, when we’re all susceptible to the wiser counsel of inner voices.

So let’s be wary about that.  They’ll say anything, those inner voices.

Now a great little piece of advice I picked up during the year concerns the taking of snapshots: always look for new perspectives, especially ones that make you feel a bit awkward.  Helps to look at things with fresh eyes… and I suppose there’s some patronizing life lesson in that as well (this is, unfortunately, often the case with most good advice).

Nonetheless, a useful side effect is that it helps the viewer share in the awkwardness, or at least wonder what the hell you were thinking.  Now I don’t follow this advice as much as I should, so perhaps this will be the year.

Another bit of advise for which I’m grateful – and it might yet sink in – is just to accept that there are really no wrong choices… things just happen and you deal with it (add loads of zen hooey if that helps).

Finally, the old stand by concerns by favourite quality, curiosity.

The cure for boredom is curiosity.  There is no cure for curiosity (Dorothy Parker)

Any photo – any at all – of my dog, is a reminder of this (well, except for the ones where she looks bored).  But (!) mostly she looks curious.  And she’s got the rest of that advice worked out as well.  I suppose dogs spend a lot of time listening to inner voices.

(Incidentally, the viewing of flowers from beneath and the exploration of culverts are both… well, you get the picture).

Happy New Year.



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