There’s this place, you stopped there once years ago and were served the most exquisite breakfast.  A renovated character building, a manor.  The interior, immaculate, you felt as though you should be in period dress.  And now every time you pass this place on the highway, you think to yourself – ‘There – that’s a special place, not in any guidebook… let’s see if it’s open.’  But it isn’t, it hasn’t been for… what, years?  There are pickups in the lot outside, but the windows are boarded up.  And so you begin to think it was maybe something you imagined, that breakfast.

You’re there and this woman calls to you – hey can you give me a lift?  No really my dog’s alone in the trailer and I’ve gotta go get her some medicine…

You weren’t going South, to the yellowgray trailer town that straddles the brown river, but it’s not too much of a backtrack.  And hey her dog does need medicine.

Oh yeah I’m a poet you wanna hear one?  I’ve been published you know I had a mentor I sent some of my poems to this published author and he said I had a gift but you know I ain’t never been to college – no, nothin like that not me you see me I wrote this poem about my husband – he had the same name as you you wanna hear it goes like this…  but then he wasn’t no good for me and he left… so now I’m on disability the government won’t let me get my disability payments but I’ve got a letter from the secretary that says I can and you know there ain’t nothin’ they can do about that…

…and my dog got attacked by a bear nearly died opened her side right up had to get 30 stitches but she’s still goin’ she’s a tough one, like me…

She’s a tough one, yeah.  Like me.  Hey thanks for the lift.


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