not the hill to die on

It’s called the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon.  That’s the one where you hear a word or phrase that strikes you as uncommon, and then you hear it again maybe later the same day, or the next.

Immediately, it strikes you that obscure and paranormal forces are at work, casting these words upon your path to clue you toward spiritual enlightenment of some kind, or maybe to ready you for the zombie armageddon.  Who knows?  Always in motion is the future… Yoda said it best, a crafty dodge for the little green charlatan.

Similar to synchronicity, where coincidental occurrences strike you as more than coincidental.  Don’t be fooled – do you remember: you chalking up the courage to ring her up and she feigns such surprise on the end of the line (“I was just thinking about you!”) – yeah, bullshit, congratulations on your psychic powers…

Apparently these are no phenomena – merely a reflection of our tendency to screen out stuff we don’t care to recognize, acknowledge or understand… at least until said stuff kicks in the brain doors.  Which can take some kicking.  And then we exclaim Whoa!  Did you see that?! … and we’re all giddy and alert on the verge of the greater reality.  Or something.

Now my preference is for the mix and matching of disparate ideas and sounds and images.  Round pegs, square holes, bring ’em on!  Too much control is a bad thing, likely to result in either excesses of peace and harmony (much to be regretted in later life) or outright revolt.  So choose your team:

Harmony.  Continuity.  Sequence.  Peace.  Orderliness. 

Cacophony.  Stridor.  Misrule.  Snafu. Higgledy-piggledy.

(Really, don’t bother asking for my preference!)

So I tried to sh-shoot a roll of double exposures with an eye to letting stuff happen.  Not overly thrilled with the results, but some of them might grow on me yet.  Take it as an effort to make stuff from disparate ingredients, and let be less attached to the elegance or taste of the resulting dish.

Back to Baader-Meinhof… now here’s a weird one: I have yet to come across any explanation for why this phenomenon was named after Germany’s most notorious “urban guerrillas”, Andreas Baader and Ulrike Meinhof.  Does anyone know?  I’m curious how that connection came about.

I guess when it comes down to it I’m just curious about connections.  Ones that work, ones that don’t.  Connections that haunt you and tease you or take you somewhere but then just leave you perplexed and feeling vaguely mocked.

It’s a good feeling.  Why would you look for a hill to die on anyway, when there is so much else to do with your time?


One comment

  1. Interesting photos, and interesting text. Was it a Baader-Meinhof member who coined the “Make kaput what makes you kaput” phrase? I cant remember. Anyways, you have a good eye for composition. Thanks for posting.

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