me in ten pix.

#1.  I practice photography as often as I can.  Usually with my dog.
thought less sense more

#2. I like irony.  And mistakes.  And film.
Wrong Way

#3. I live, work, and play in the beautiful Northwest of British Columbia.
dog view, redux

#4. I have been lucky enough to travel a fair bit.

#5. I could have been an accordion diva…

#6. Stephen Harper Hates Me.
stephen harper hates me

#7. I have a bit of an addiction.
trees make good photos

#8. I resemble this guy.
sometimes I feel like a dog among skeptical cats

#9. I dabble in video (go on, press the button…!)

#10. I’m trying to get better at this stuff. Interpret that as you like. Don’t be shy.

On the serious side I like all kinds of photography but I am particularly drawn to photographing places that evoke a strong sense of identity and character, or sites that otherwise suggest stories or evidence of human use and history.  I am curious about the relationship between humans and nature, and all the fascinating stories that mediate that relationship.

If you are a publisher – magazine, book, advertising, etc – my images are available for licensing purchase options.  Please don’t hesitate to get in touch  and let me know your interest.  I have a lot of work in addition to the images posted here, on my website, and on my flickr site.



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